Meet the Everyday Harmony Hub Wellbeing Advocates

Talida Voinea

Talida is a 35 year old mum to a four year old little boy. After struggling with a very severe hormonal imbalance post birth control Talida turned to a plant-based lifestyle and began the slow journey of regaining her health. She is now a fertility awareness educator, blogger and science lover. Talida recently completed a post grad certificate in biomedical science that focused on nutrition science and reproductive endocrinology. Talida likes to use her knowledge on plant-based nutrition and women’s health to help educate and empower women to thrive.

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Kylie Thorley

Hi I’m Kylie from Haus & Loft …I help busy Women create calm and order in their home or workspace because these days it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by clutter and disorder. I guide them on how to gradually but permanently declutter, and reclaim time and space for themselves and their family. Decluttering and becoming more organised is a lifestyle change created with persistence, practice and taking small steps daily and can be achieved by us all!

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Kylie Bartlett

Kylie Bartlett’s life work as a certified transformational coach and leadership consultant has opened the door for humans to confidently lead from within. She has a big-hearted vision for humans everywhere to harness the power of radical authentic leadership traits to lead, love, leap to potential. Through women of achievement community events, mentoring, coaching and consultancy, Kylie offers sustainable face to face and online services for action and growth. Drawing on decades of educational, leadership and organisational experience as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, Kylie’s expertise is the catalyst for change inspiring individuals, teams and organisations across local, regional, national and global networks to rise.

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Kylie’s formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Secondary Education, Graduate Certificate of Tertiary Education, Dare to Lead™ trained based on the work of Brene Brown, Practitioner Training and Coaching Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Practitioner of Time Line Therapy & Practitioner of Hypnosis Training, Certified Pysch-K Instructor and Mindful Based Stress Reduction training with the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australasia. In 2019 and 2020, Kylie received the James Cook University, Inclusive Practice Award, in 2020 the Australia Ausmumpreneur Silver People's Choice Award for Leadership and the Ausmumpreneur Bronze People's Choice Award for Making a Difference, an Outstanding Contribution to the College of Arts, Society and Education Award, James Cook University Award in 2017, the Townsville Business Women's Award Empowering Women Award in 2017, an Australian Award for University Teaching in 2016 and a James Cook University Citation in 2012.---

Megan Marano

I’ve been a photographer for 26 years and what started as a love of ‘moments', transformed into a love of people. I use humour and warmth to help my subjects feel relaxed and comfortable at a shoot. I believe great photography is more to do with connection than anything else. I strive to create ‘real' connection with my subjects, capturing more than what they look like but the essence of who they are. With 3 grown children and one teenager I know that our days are long but the years are short. Life is ever-changing and needs to be documented and celebrated.

When I’m not shooting, you’ll find me in my garden or cooking and enjoying food with family. Home is my favourite place to be.

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Anna Walsh

Anna Walsh is an ex-parliament, ex-government, ex-police officer, current feminist writer, equality activist, entrepreneur and host at A Woman Charged Podcast.

Frustrated by engendered stereotypes and attitudes around women and sex, Anna created sexual wellness brand happymash: an online space where women feel comfortable learning about and celebrating their bodies.

Anna devotedly advocates that sex is a vital part of every woman’s health throughout her entire life, and that every woman should know how to access her body’s ability to give her pleasure. Through her debut range of vibrators for women, Anna introduces The Know Yourself Range to Aussie women, encouraging them to get to know themselves intimately, and ultimately “close the orgasm gap”.

Anna’s intention to close the pleasure gap extends to her social enterprise Pleasure Able whereby she is undertaking research and development into a bespoke pleasure product for people with disabilities to eradicate pleasure ableism - orgasms for all!

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Tash Guthrie

They call her The Time Creator. Tash Guthrie is a time management & productivity educator, and the founder of The Time Creator planner, podcast, community and membership. She believes that everyone has the power within them to live the life they truly desire, free of overwhelm, burden and stress. Tash helps busy women manage the multifaceted demands of their life, take control of their time and improve their productivity and time management skills, to ultimately create more time for the people and things they love most.

Tash lives on a farm on the Far North Coast of NSW with her husband, 2 children, several chickens and 1 gorgeous cow. She is also a full-time primary school teacher.

Tash’s mantra is ‘plan hard, live easy’ and this is reflected in her strategies for creating a purpose-driven, fulfilled life free from complication, stress and overwhelm.

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Kylie Maher

Hi, my name is Kylie Maher and I am a Townsville based personal stylist, a mother of two incredible little humans and wife to an amazing and hardworking man.

I have been a stay at home mum for the last 9 years, and have had two hobby businesses during this time, but since turning 40 I have finally figured out what it is that sets a fire in my belly, and that is fashion. I absolutely love all things fashion and the confidence clothes can bring you. This is what led me into studying a Certificate of Personal Styling at Australia’s leading style institute (Australian Style Institute) and launching my own business Kylie Maher Styling.

It is my absolute passion to help and improve confidence in as many Men and Women that I can by making them look and feel amazing.

I understand our climate and the lifestyle we live here in NQ and cannot wait to launch the full range of styling packages in January 2022. It’s an exciting time and one I am ready for.

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Paula Pool

Hello I’m Paula !!

Personal trainer for almost 20 years. My journey started when my now husband asked me to marry him. I was 30kg over weight, a packet a day smoker and exercise was a dirty word to me.

Fast forward…. After winning Queensland and Australian titles in body building I then switched to endurance sport. Completing my first half Ironman in sept 2020.

My work life consists of helping woman mainly around that menopausal age to get stronger in the gym. Which then makes them stronger at home and in life in general. 

As we age it’s very important to keep our bodies strong, to help with the hormonal changes we face. I am a massive advocate for weight training for all ages. Especially over 40. I love learning all about what happens to our bodies while we age, and how strength training and exercise plays a big role in how we handle that process.

I also am a part owner of a supplement store Fit Empire and Wellness where we provide supplements for performance, recovery and wellbeing.

My home life sees me a mum of 2, with and very loving and supportive husband.

Paula also founded a charity.

With all this I also run Fuel For Schools not for profit charity with my best mate Melz. We started in 2015 supplying junior schools with back packs then in 2019 we wanted to help the senior schools. After doing some research we discovered that breakfast clubs were a little hit and miss so we reached out to schools to see if they needed a hand and with a resounding YES; Fuel For Schools was born. Becoming a fully fledged charity in 2019. We rely on public donations and also support from organisations and businesses within the Townsville region. We are super proud of our charity and each year we see it grow a little more. We have lots more to do and many more kids to help. Our ethos is Fueling the future and let’s help break the cycle for these kids.

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Tanya Heinrich

Tanya is a mother of 3 boys, postpartum doula & sacred space holder, supporting mothers to thrive during the motherhood continuum.

Her own experiences of transitioning into motherhood drew her to delve deeper into the cross-cultural teachings & art of postpartum care, so to support & nourish women as they prepare for and move through their postpartum period.

She is warm, deeply caring and desires every mother to feel held, acknowledged and celebrated as they navigate their matrescence.

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Instagram @nourishedbeginningsdoula


Cara Griffin

Cara Griffin is a Belly Dance and Cuban Dance Artist, Choreographer and Instructress.

Since 1998 Cara has delved deeply into the studies of dances from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, India, Brazil, Cuba and Spain.

Cara is a celebrated soloist. Her performances are passionate, engaging, dynamic and unique. She has performed both Overseas and right around Australia, particularly noted for her Classical, Sword Dance and Flamenco Fusion performances. Cara is one of only a handful of full-time professional dancers in Queensland. With over 20 years of teaching experience and a teaching style that is warm and inclusive focusing on technique, strength and flexibility while learning to remain in the moment. Her classes are grounded in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Cuban Salsa however she is fluent in a range of traditional and modern styles.

She enjoys mentoring students, teachers and performers to find their own way forward to develop their skills and work professionally in the dance industry if they choose to do so. Cara’s dances are both traditional and contemporary in nature. Honouring the roots of each dance while not being afraid to push the boundaries to create works of art in the true spirit of fusion. She has trained and performed alongside prominent dance and music artists throughout Australia, having choreographed for both stage and screen in various projects. Each choreography she creates is lush, delves deeply into the connection in ones self and with other dancers and has a spiritual essence behind the movements.

In 2019 she became the Director of Movimiento. A Latin Dance school teaching Cuban Dance, Bachata and Kizomba. Over this time she has dedicated herself particularly to teaching Afro-Cuban Traditional Dance, Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino and Timba. In 2020 she was honoured to be awarded a silver medal for the creative arts industry in the Ausmumprenuer Awards. She has since gone on to amalgamate Movimiento and the Belly Dance Collective under one banner. Global Dance Collective.

Her passion is teaching. To share the absolute joy and transformational opportunity that dance can bring. She believes it has the power to help people feel good in their own body, to find community and to provide opportunities to grow. Whether it’s teaching at a large festival or a private class for a complete beginner, she knows this is exactly what she was put on this earth to do. Get people to find their joy, get back into their bodies and into the rhythm.

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Helloooooo there! I'm Marayna...the wearer of many hats. You know, wife, mum, chef, gardener, banker, cleaner, taxi, volunteer, personal shopper, dog walker, technician, problem solver..... Oh, and I am also the #BIZBOSS behind your 'Ultimate Accessory Destination' - KENZIE COLLECTIVE.

8 years strong and Kenzie Collective is a place where people come from all over the world to simply be themselves! My #BIZBABY is a tropical oasis of colour, fun and overall powerfulness. We believe in silencing the 'rules of fashion and styling' and simply dressing and accessorising in what makes YOU happy!

Along my biz journey, I have also had the absolute pleasure in accessorising some of Australia's leading #SMALLBIZ fashion labels. Collaborating is my jam and working closely with the amazing talent within the fashion industry is an absolute dream. Don't get me wrong, it's been a lot of hard work but also totally worth it!

I would love to chat more, (you know, biz tips and advice!) but I will save that for another episode....x

Stay colourful and BE YOU!

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Julie Cross

JULIE CROSS… she is a mother, an adventure seeker and one of the most inspiring keynote speakers in Australia. She combines powerful insights into human behaviour with practical strategies that leaves audiences with powerful tools for living their best life and setting a higher standard in all aspects of their existence. Julie connects the information in our heads with the inspiration in our hearts.

She is one of the industry’s most sought-after speakers thanks to her unique style and commitment to empowering her audiences. Her speaking business growth over 25 years is due to referrals, an indication of her huge impact on her audience. And while her business grew her personal life has offered many immense challenges and opportunities for growth. It is this ‘real life’ experience that forms a foundation of an authentic and relatable message – one that only Julie could deliver.

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Instagram @julieissparkle


Vanya Insull

Vanya is a Kiwi food blogger and content creator at VJ cooks where she shares her delicious recipes. She has a membership called Cooking with VJ where she creates monthly recipe ebooks to give her members inspiration and confidence in the kitchen. The membership has grown to 950 members and become a fun and engaged community.

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Chef Cynthia Louise

Chef Cynthia Louise talks about food.

Plant-based food that makes you Feel GOOD.

She won’t talk diet.

She won’t talk macronutrients.

She talks about real food. Just like nature intended.

Chef Cynthia comes with a large side of personality and an infectious passion. Not to mention she’s also:

- Author of 2 Plant-based cookbooks (Plant-based Love Stories and Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth)

- the star of 2 cooking shows on Gaia TV and FMTV

- the partner of a global chain of restaurants with serial entrepreneur Roger Hamilton

- creator of the 14 Day Plant-Based Transformation Challenge and the 21 Day Cleanse

- developed her own range of gut-healing food products (Lighten UP Loaf, Simple Bread, My Pro-B+ and My Pro-B) and online cooking classes.

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Instagram @chefcynthialouise1

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