Living Intentionally Thriving Daily


An Online Wellbeing experience that keeps filling your own cup simple, fun and creative - all year long. 



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$125 Yearly Membership

Living Intentionally Thriving Daily


An Online Wellbeing experience that keeps filling your own cup simple, fun and creative - all year long. 



 - Become a Member!


 Seriously, we know how hard it is to choose ourselves first!

With daily, and weekly wellbeing vibes coming your way, your membership is designed to fit seamlessly into your life, providing you with the tools and encouragement you need to flourish, whenever you need them.

Personally and professionally, I've been to hell and back over the past few years and I am saying NO to unwanted stress and stresses. I want to experience more fun and connection in my life and I want that for you too!

As your Host and Wellbeing Coach when you join the Everyday Harmony Hub, I want you to know I’m committed to you and your wellbeing! 

I've come to learn (sometimes the hard way), life doesn't have to be as hard as we make it, even with getting breast cancer. It's not easy putting your wellbeing first when so many people depend upon us. The Harmony Hub is that inspiring space for me as well, a hub where you can come as you are, whenever you choose.

Together we are better! 

We can learn how to soften the mental load to live intentionally and thrive everyday, our way. 

AND... it’s FUN too!

When we put ourselves first, everyone benefits. 

None of it's ROCKET science and it's not even that fancy. 

 I'm not a psychologist or a doctor. What I am is a qualified wellbeing coach and strategist with over 25 years of experience, dedicated to helping you create positive and regular habits to enhance your work-life harmony. I want that for every woman on the planet! 

My wish for you; is you step into your power and live your own success story - write the narrative of your own story; grounded, strong, happy and well.


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Mind Body Wisdom

Get ready to amplify your vitality. 

Everyday Values

Get ready to ignite what matters to you!

Embracing Boundaries

AND... Say YES to more work-life harmony.

Future proof your energy!

The Everyday Harmony Hub Membership is practical with science-backed tools, strategies, and practises from Kerry's personal and professional experiences.


What you receive as an annual MEMBER!

  • Instant access to all of Kerry's best-selling digital Wellbeing Resources; Values Cards, Wellbeing Cards, Mindset Posters.
  • Kerry's Daily Doses of Harmony in our exclusive¬†private Facebook group
  • Harmony Hub¬†Wellbeing Advocates¬†who share¬†their wisdom¬†with us¬†via interviews and master classes as a surprise and delight throughout the year.¬†
  • BONUS Remarkable Online Portal filled with wellbeing goodies (but with no pressure to complete anything).¬†Instant access to the digital¬†version of the Everyday Harmony Values Cards and all of Kerry's Wellbeing Resources.
  • Weekly Wellness Email;¬†Bringing to life the Everyday Harmony Wellbeing¬†Affirmation Cards.
  • Monthly Digital Wellbeing Journal for goal setting and¬†mindfulness.
  • BONUS Online courses for parents and educators; Growth Mindset and Choice Guidance valued at $250.00
  • Special VIP pricing of 25% off on¬†ALL Everyday Harmony Products (while stocks last)

This is not another online course that you will join and never log in, flushing money down the drain. 

There is no pressure to start or finish anything, it's all there for you to access anytime you choose. It's not training!  It's none of that. 

It's a HUB where you get to hang out with like-minded women and enhance your work-life harmony.

"The Everyday Harmony Hub is supportive, encouraging, fun, thought provoking, REAL, positive, enlightening and I could go on and on!!!! Kerry has brought together such a beautiful community of like-minded women, interacting and being there for each other in the virtual world like nothing I’ve experienced or seen before. I’m really looking forward to continuing with this community into 2023 and treasuring all it brings into my daily life.

Thank you, Kerry, for all that you do."

Kylie Thorley - Haus&Loft

(Member since January 2022)

Live Intentionally - Thrive Daily

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Creating time for you!

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I can't wait to welcome you in. Kerry x

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